Enzymes, proteins, riboproteins and signaling pathways.

protein kinases

Specific protein kinases transfer a phosphate group from a donor such as ATP to amino acid acceptors in proteins, while protein phosphatases remove the phosphate groups that have been attached by protein kinases. Examples of protein kinases are receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs), cytoplasmic protein tyrosine kinases (PTKs), and serine-threonine kinases.

Autophosphorylation is a property of most protein kinases, in which either serine and/or threonine or tyrosine serves as the phosphoacceptor for phosphorylation of self by a serine-threonine kinase or receptor tyrosine kinase. Several sites on the same kinase subunit are usually autophosphorylated in a manner that affects the functional properties of most protein kinases.[r]

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